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Yeast vs Bacteria

More of a theorhetical question here but if I’ve got a very active fermentation going and a good krausen, am I relatively safe from an infection or spoilage? During my chill down, some water from the chill tub splashed into the wort right as I was taking the boil kettle out. It was a drop, but I have read a bit that suggests if the yeast is winning, then all is probably well.

Probably nothing to worry about with such a small amount - not enough chlorine to cause problems and assuming it was tap and not toilet water, shouldn’t be anything in it that can spoil the beer.

Hold on. Are you saying toilet water shouldn’t be used for chilling, or shouldn’t be used for topping off? :wink:

Use only in the boil. :razz:

Well, it was from a wash tub that I had rinsed out. Not exactly toilet water but not spring water either…

Use only in the boil. :razz: [/quote]

From an interview of Samuel Adams, brewer/patriot, conducted by Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Co., circa 1774 AD. * " The use of latrine water should be limited to pre boil of the beer"

  • Some dates and names may be historically inaccurate.
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