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Yeast that comes standard with Caribou Slobber

I’m new - will be doing my second batch late next week. I have the Danstar Lallemand Windsor yeast - I’m assuming that’s “standard” with the Caribou Slobber. Do I need to rehydrate this - or just dump it in?? It just doesn’t feel “powdery” at all - like it needs some heat or something to break apart.

Thanks in advance,

when you open the yeast pact it should be good. a lot of dry yeast are vacuum sealed. with dry yeast all you have to do is dump it in. if you open it and its all caked together and hard. then you probably got bad yeast, witch I do not think is the case. when its under the vacuum seal it will feel like one big cement lump.

If I remember right this yeast is vacuum packed and feels like it’s caked until you open the packet, then it’s granular and will pour from the packet easily. I’ve used this yeast twice, once in a Caribou slobber, once in a cider I made, both direct pitched and both took off right away.

Edit: I see grainy beat me to it. :mrgreen:

Cool - thanks much! Something I’ll get used to.


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