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Yeast temp question

every time i have made a yeast starter i cold crash it and decant it. then i wait for it to come up to room temp wile i finish my brew day. my question is, can i just pull it out of the fridge and decant and pitch it right away or is this bad. To me it seems like that would be a very fast change in temp and might shock those little workers.

you are correct. pitching a cold starter into warm wort will shock the yeast. let it warm back up before pitching.

I want to say that is not true.
I pitch my yeast cold from the fridge most of the time. I don’t think there is any ill effects from this.

Cold to warm, no problem, the yeast like it. Warm to cold, not so good.

I’ve had real sluggish & slow fermentations from going cold to warm. I always thought it was yeast shock. scratch my previous comment, Tuna. I trust Legman & Shadetree on the subject. and I’m probably gonna give that another shot.

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