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Yeast Suggestions For Brewing Emma's Ale

The dry yeast suggested for this beer is Windsor yeast. Back when I started brewing I wasn’t to good at keeping notes. I remember using Windsor and Nottinghams yeast and there was was somthing about one of them I didn’t care for. I can’t find any notes from when I used them. So I have a question for all of you good people. What do you think about using S-04 yeast for Emma’s ale? I’m slowly getting back in to brewing since my illness and moving and I haven’t got things set up for making starters yet. I’m wanting to get a area setup where I can leave my stir plate setup along with the equiptment. That is why I’m going with dry yeast. I have been wanting to brew some darker beers and since I’m a cancer survivor I try to do things to help find the cure for the horrible disease. I would appreciate your help.


I’ve never used Windsor. In fact, I thought it was kind of a newer product (like within the last year), and I like Nottingham. Could it be that you brewed with Nottingham? I think it’s a pretty solid yeast, but to each his own.

Good luck! Glad to see you’re back!

I like Nottingham fermented at 62F for english style ales.

Otherwise the Thames Valley II is also a solid yeast.

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