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Yeast Storage Temperature

I harvested some yeast over the weekend and put it in my kreezer. But the kreezer is in the garage and since the temperature has started to drop outside it is staying around 32-33 degrees. Is that too cold for the yeast? What is the lowest it should be stored? And if it matters I’m planning on keeping the yeast for 3-4 weeks before using it.

You don’t want to freeze the yeast. 33-34 is a good temp to keep them at.

add some glycerine and freeze em.

is freezing a better option if you have no plans hatched for the yeast you harvest? I just did some American Ale II without thinking about what to do with and it could be a while before it finds itself back in circulation.

If you’re going to be storing it long enough that you’d be doing a multi-stage propagation anyway (i.e. >6 months), then freezing is probably a better option. It isn’t like you’ll be able to thaw the yeast out and pitch it directly into a fermenter though.

Personally, I’ve stored liquid slurries in the fridge for up to a year and a half with good results. You just have to be willing to start small when propagating back up to pitchable quantities. … g-and-you/

Thanks for the info. I’ll leave the yeast where it is and make sure it is viable before using.

Freezing though might be useful in the future if I start to brew certain beers based on the season. Anyone care to share info on how to freeze? ... zing_yeast
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