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Yeast Still Good

So I had yeast in a container that I harvested 2 weeks ago. This Wednesday morning bottling some beer for a football draft party, I took the yeast slurry out of the frig so I could bottle and forgot to put it back in in the frig. It sat at room temperature for around 36 hours. Is it shot? I was hoping to use it next week. Thoughts?


IMO, we let the beer sit on a yeast cake for 3 weeks. Then harvest it for a new batch…

What I’m saying is that the yeast has been out of the fermenter for 2 weeks.

It’s fine. But why did you take it out to bottle? If you’re going to add yeast, use fresh dry yeast.

I had it in my kegerator sitting on top of all the kegs. I took it out so I could put a picnic tap on the kegs to bottle. Just forgot to put it back in the kegerator when finished bottling.

What I’m saying is that the yeast has been out of the fermenter for 2 weeks.[/quote]

My point was that the yeast sometimes sits at room temp for much longer the 36hrs.

I’ve used yeast that is over 1 year old out of the fermenter, after making a starter.


My concern was more the warm from fermentation, cold in the kegerator, warm on the counter, now cold again in the kegerator.

It should be fine. You can reculture yeast that has sat in a bottle for a year and then been refrigerated for weeks. The temp changes shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

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