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Yeast starting w/ Pliny kit

My Plinian Legacy kit just came in and I’m going to brew it this weekend!!! I’ve only got three brews under my belt, so please excuse the dumb question. The instructions recommend a yeast starter, but I don’t have the necessary equipment. Would I be crazy to just double up with the yeast packets? That is, instead of pitching one packet, I pitch two?

That should work. What yeast is it?

I think it comes with US-05 for dry yeast, 1056 or WLP001 is optional. Pitching two packs should work just fine in any case.

I’ve done that kit twice, both times I used one pack of US-05 and it turned out great.


I picked up two packs of the US-05. A little warm here in California so I didn’t want to ship the liquid.

So it sounds like I could go either way. Any pros/cons to pitching two vs one?

Pros: more yeast, better attenuation, less chance of stalling, no off flavors.
Cons: costs more… only one.
If you aren’t equipped to make a starter pitch two packets. Your beer, your taste buds, and your friends will thank you.

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Great advice. Much thanks to each of you.

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