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Yeast Starters w/Brett?

So I am going to make another farmhouse/saison style - this time with WLP670 (American Farmhouse Blend), which has Brett. in it.

Does this style of yeast lend itself to a starter? Is there any special consideration you have to take when doing so due to the bacteria in there?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge.

Yes, that product will benefit from a starter. It is a blend of Saccharomyces and Brett. According to an article in the most recent BYO
, Brett propagates slower than Saccharomyces, so more time would be required on the stir plate to achieve maximum Brett growth.

I actually just pitched WLP670 for the first time last Tuesday. I did not have time to prepare the starter further in advance, so I used my starter SOP–which is to prepare the starter the night before brewing and pitch in 16-24 hours. As I understand it, Brett works slowly anyway–so there may not be a meaningful difference in time or outcome. I would (and do) plan on letting that beer age for a while.

Awesome info, I thank you greatly.

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