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Yeast Starter

I plan I brewing a 5g batch on the 26th and made a 1 liter starter on the night of the 22nd. I am just wondering if it would be ok to put it in the fridge now (24th) and pitch it without making another small starter to add to it? If so, has anyone had any problems pitching it right out of the fridge or should I pull it out to warm it back up first?

I bring mine out of the fridge when I start brewing and place it where I plan to ferment so when I pitch it’s at fermenting temperature.

You could leave it in the fridge for a week and it won’t make any difference.
Just pull it out when your worts cooling and pour it off.
Feed it some wort out the ball valve and swirl it up. Top notch yeast.

You’ll be fine and should have no issues pitching straight from the fridge.

A 1L starter doesn’t really ramp up cell numbers much. But yours will be fine to pitch.

Agreed that a 1L starter is too small. It could actually be worse than no starter at all. You need to be sure they have sufficient food to rebuild the glycogen reserves they uses as nutrients. If not, your yeast could get off to a slow start. As to temp, I always take mine out of the fridge and pitch right away. There’s evidence that if you let it warm up first, the yeast start consuming their glycogen reserves before they get into the wort.

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