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Yeast starter

I just made my first yeast starter yesterday. I had it on the stir plate for about 20 hours before I pitched it into the wort. I pitched it without letting it settle or decanting it. Should I have let it settle and mix it up before pitching? Or is it good to go right off the stir plate? Seems like the processes would be similar, but am wondering what to expect.

Usually the stirplate is at a warmer temp than what you would ferment a beer at. And, you are constantly adding oxygen to the wort/beer. Two items that would be detrimental to the beer that you starter makes.

Do you want to add that to your 5 gallons of wort?

A 1 quart/liter starter pitched into 5 gallons of wort will most likely not have any deleterious effects. The starter wort usually tastes pretty nasty because of the warm fermentation temperature and lack of hops. Larger starter volumes are usually regfrigerated to settle the yeast and then most of the wort is poured off to prevent off flavors in the beer.

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