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Yeast Starter

I have a yeast starter that’s been sitting around at room temperature for about 6 weeks now. It’s been sealed to outside air. Just not sure if it’s still usable. It’s a Belgian Saison strain. Thoughts?

I think I would probably make a new starter out of your old starter, just to make sure it’s still good. It likely is still good, but personally, I probably wouldn’t risk a batch of brew on it. Better safe than sorry…

When you say room temperature, what temperature range are we talking?

Hmmm, somehow I missed the part about room temperature. Definitely a part of the equation…

We really don’t have enought info here. Did your starter sit on a stir plate? Was it always sealed? How do you know it is not receiving air?
Ok, assuming your room temp is 70 degrees F. And your starter has not been on a stir plate. And it has been sealed the whole time… Your yeast will likely still do their thing, but they are definitely stressed. They depleted all oxygen available to them and have been starving for 6 months. Will it make beer? Probably. Will it be the best beer you can make? Nope.
Bury them with dignity and pitch fresh yeast.

6 weeks, not 6 months. Chill, decant, make a new starter. The yeast will be fine, but a starter is definitely recommended.

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