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Yeast starter wort

When you make starter wort on the stove, do you ‘mash’ to get about 1.035-1.040 for a full hour? I thought I saw someone post on here, that they only did 15-20 min or so…

are you making a starter from grain or extract? if extract, then only 15 minutes should do.

From grain, I’ve been making them out of extract, but have about 175# of 2row, and figure thatd be the better way to go.

I would mash for at least 60 minutes. You want to give ample time for the meal size pieces of starch to dissolve in the water and then convert to sugar.

There are some that feel they get good conversion in 20-30 minutes. If you have the time, go for the hour.

I will put the grain/water in 2, 1/2 gallon pitchers. Then inside a 16qt cooler to hold the temp. Pour the contents into a colander with a paint strainer bag. “recirculate”, then rinse with fresh water.

About 1.5lbs for a 3/4 gallon batch.

edit: some save wort in the freezer for starters. See if there is enough sugars in the final runnings. Or run off an extra gallon into the boil pot and then fish it out before the hop addition.

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