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Yeast Starter Smells/Tastes Sour

So I washed and saved some yeast from a batch a month and a half ago. Pretty sure I did everything well as far as sanitation goes but I pitched a jar to a 1L starter a day and a half ago, left it on the stir plate and cold crashed it. I took it out of the fridge today to decant and bump it up and the fermented wort smelled kinda funky. I poured it in a glass and and it tastes sour, smells the same and is pretty much undrinkable. The rest of the yeast without the decanted liquid doesn’t smell that bad but I also don’t have a ton of experience with saved yeast and starters to base it on.

Normally I would just go with it but I’m planning on brewing a big barlywine this weekend and really don’t wan’t to mess it up from right off the bat with bad yeast.

What do you all think? Should I chuck it and just buy some new yeast? Is this a common smell or flavor for a yeast starter?

If it tastes sour I would dump it and start over. Starter beer certainly doesn’t taste great but it shouldn’t be sour.

+1. I took the risk once and ended up with an infected beer.

Unless you want to try to wash the yeast (using an oxygen tablet to kill bacteria - basically a water purification tablet added to a distilled water and yeast slurry), I would assume a slight infection is there and not worth risking a batch of beer on it.


+2 I’d dump it.

When in doubt - throw it out!

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