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Yeast Starter Question

I recently got a 5 gallon Dry Dock pale ale extract kit and was wondering how necessary making a starter was. I made a starter a day or two ago, but a mishap led to the need to dump the starter. I have another 1056 smack pack but don’t want to go to the trouble of making another starter if that isn’t necessary.

OG listed as 1.049. Brew with out. I doubt you could tell a difference.

Now you have us intrigued. What’s the mishap? :lol:

The Erlenmeyer has a sanitized foam stopper in the opening. Asked roommate to shake it whenever he saw it…the first time he saw it, he thought it was firmly capped and shook it like a shake weight, knocking the foam to the floor and starter juice everywhere. He promptly put the stopper back in the flask along with some of the finest ingredients from the carpet.

Doh! I have had a starter bubble over more than a few times due to vigorous shaking, but I have always kept the carpet particles out of my batch.

Maybe a new Rug Doctor Pale Ale?

OH my! :oops:

Good call on tossing that starter.

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