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Yeast starter question

I’ve done a lot of yeast starters, but only with liquid yeast. I’ll be brewing a Mesquite Smoked Blonde Ale on Thursday with a packet of 11g Danstar Nottingham Dry Yeast. Does anyone on here ever make yeast starters with dry yeast? I just want to make sure I have plenty of healthy yeast to prevent stress and off flavors.

Actually the manufactures of dry yeast recommend not doing a starter. It will do the yeast more harm than good. You can rehydrate the yeast in ~100F water (previously boiled & cooled to 100F) for 15 minutes prior to pitching or simply sprinkle the dry yeast into the cooled wort (~65F for ales and ~50F for lagers). Either method will work. If you go the rehydrated route it helps to adjust the yeast temp to the wort temp just prior to pitching by slowly stirring a few spoonfuls of wort in with the yeast. Cheers!!!

What is the OG?

Mr Malty suggest 1, 11g packet for a 1.060, 5 gallon batch of beer.

OG is 1.048. Not very high.

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