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Yeast starter question

I didn’t realized it but I bought a white labs American ale blend vile that was expired. I read on it that if it’s past the best by date, that a starter was necessary. So I made one last night and I never saw a krausen.

I swirled through out the day and didn’t really see any activity. How do you know if it’s a good to Go starter or if the yeast is in fact dead?

I have a S-05 dry pack just in case. Thanks

When liquid yeast is that old it usually will not have a visible krausen. You can taste the starter to see if it has fermented, or you can take a gravity reading. Dry yeast is also a good option if you don’t want to mess with your starter any more.

IMO it hasn’t come to life yet. Keep swirling it. In the next day or so you should see CO2 coming out of solution when you swirl it.

Every time I did swirl it, I did get CO2 bubbles which led me to believe it was eating and alive. I used it anyways and it’s fermenting my batch.

I’ll have to look from now on and not take it for granted that it isn’t expired.

The S.G.was only 1.042 so it should complete itself within the next few days but it’s going to stay in the primary for 2 weeks then it will get bottled or kegged for at longest, 2 weeks.

Thanks for the help peeps.

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