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Yeast starter Oktoberfest

I am going to be brewing this batch in a few weeks, just wanted some feedback on my plans for a yeast starter.

First off (stop me right here if using dry yeast for a starter is not IDEAL)

Ok 1 week before i intend to brew the batch I will make a 3l starter using 11oz of DME which should give me a OG of 1.04.

I should only need to have the wort at a boil for 5-10 mins right?

So if this is right so far I can sprinkle the dry yeast right into the wort in the starter vessel. Store it at specified temperature for 3-4 days.

After that I need to refrigerate to allow a nice cake to form 1-2 days.

Then any recomendations on letting it sit at room temp for a few hours before pitching ?



If you’re using dry yeast, just use two packs. Making a starter with dry yeast does more harm than good.

Thanks. Just cemented my decision would’ve been a long 3 monthes to figure this out.

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