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Yeast Starter - Krausen and Dry Yeast

Just made a starter this afternoon, using dry yeast, a 2000ml flask and a stirplate.

The krausen tonight is massive.

  1. It’s occurred to me that I’ve never actually heard of anyone making a starter with dry yeast - did I plan poorly here?

  2. Anything to do about the krausen? Should I hook up a blow off hose for a day?

Supposedly yeast starters are not good for dry yeast. The dry yeast is has nutrient reserves that are depleted by making a starter.

You’ll likely be fine but it is an unnecessary step.

For the krausen, if you are using sanitized foil on top, just put the starter in a shallow pan to catch the yeast.

there is no need to make a starter with dry yeast, it’s really a waste of time with no benefits. next time you can either hydrate the yeast, wich will only take minutes or just sprinkle in. i’m not sure how beat up your yeast is now but tou might want to have an extra pack of yeast on hand, just in case. cheers.

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