Yeast starter in main fermenter

I am about to brew a 10 gallon batch of german pilsner soon and im gonna need a around 760 billion cells to get the job done…i am thinking of doing the yeast starter in the main fermenter…How do you all think this would work? my plan is to do a 6 liter starter in the conical @ 1035 starter wort then chill and remove the spent wort through the transfer valve and add another 6 liters chill, remove spent wort then add my main wort on top and oxygenate and proceed as usual…any negatives from this technique?

i opted to use a 2 gallon vessel, 2 step 6 liter to get my cell count

I think that technique would be totally fine. The one downside is that you won’t have a chance to re-sanitize your fermentor before your wort goes in. as long as you do a good job the first time, and keep things sealed up, I think this is a good idea.