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Yeast Starter Help

I am currently in the middle of making a Pumpkin Amber Ale. The yeast I will be using is a US-05 for a 5 gallon batch. I have never made a yeast starter before. Any suggestions on how much wort I would need for this starter. I know there is some formulas online that I got from Beersmith and it said I would need to be around 200 Billion cells. I’ve been brewing for around two years and I’m just starting to get into all grain brewing so programs like that are all new to me. Thanks

No need for a starter when using dry yeast. In fact, using a starter with dry yeast can be detrimental.

Okay thank you, on the other hand if I were to go down to my local brew shop and get a White Labs Yeast what steps would I take then. I’d like to know either ways the proper steps to making a starter. Thank you.

I would just follow the instructions that NB has with their yeast starter sets (I didn’t buy mine from them, you can piece it together cheaper on amazon).

Here is the site I like to use for one step and two step starter calculation. Tabs on the left side have more information on making starters.

See for all kinds of useful info.

Thank you guys so much, this will give me some good reading to do this weekend while I start a new batch.

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