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Yeast Starter Help

First time making a yeast starter, one quick question…

I have a nice stir-plate, so my question is when I have the starter spinning in there, how stong should the vortex be? Should it be silently spinning or a little on the noisey side, so the stir bar is creating little bubbles from the vortex (aeration, yes?)

I know I could have posted in the yeast section, but I’m making my starter in a couple hours and wanted as much input as I could get until then, we all know how active the General is!

Thanks everyone.

It doesn’t really matter. The bulk of the aeration is occurring because of the wort being turned over at the surface. Bubbles won’t have much, if any, effect.

Yeah, all you need to worry about is that there is some sort of circulation going on. Don’t worry about a vortex :slight_smile:

edit - you just really want to make sure that the yeast stay in suspension. So anything that keeps them off the bottom is good.

Thanks guys, things look good! I did a 1300ml with 130g of DME. Now that I’ve done it this once, I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

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