Yeast starter for White House Honey Porter

Hey all,

Brewing the White House Honey Porter this weekend. My question is this. Should I make a yeast starter? My last brew was the Belgian Dubbell and the yeast starter was requisite and worked great. Also I have yeast nutrient. Not having used it before when should I add it? To the starter? To the wort? Or both? Thanks

What yeast are you using? Dry yeast doesn’t require a starter. I ALWAYS make a starter when pitching liquid yeast. It is almost impossible to over-pitch but easy to under-pitch. In addition to the increased yeast amount, this gives the yeast a head start on fermentation.

If you are using liquid yeast and make a starter I would add a pinch of nutrient to the starter and the required amount (1/2 tsp/5 gals) to the wort.

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Thanks, I’m using the Wyeast liquid yeast. I’ll do what you said. This is only my third brew. Yeast nutrient added to the boil of the starter and the wort correct?

Correct add it to both. The starter doesn’t need much… literally a pinch.