Yeast starter for Dead ringer ipa?

Well i guess ill start by saying longtime beer drinker first time brewer. I currently have an American amber fermenting made a few mistakes but should be ok. My next brew will be dead ringer ipa. The kit suggests a yeast starter. I have received my extract kit using wyeast slap pack and i purchased an additional 1 lbs of dme golden light for the yeast starter. now let me get to the question. To make a starter all i have to do is add all my wyeast slap pack after its ready to the boiled and cooled dme. (using a mason jar) and then let that ferment for 12-24 hours before i pitch the wort? if i’m missing the concept of this please set me straight. Glad to be brewing and excited to learn more excited to taste the hard work. :cheers:

It is difficult to put all the necessary information in a single message. Take a look at these three links. You’ll fine the information you are looking for. Also Googgle for “shaking stirring yeast starter” for other information.

In general you need a bigger starter vessel, need 1.030 to 1.040 OG wort starter, and need to add 3-4 days to your schedule. Some will say what you are doing will be fine.

There’s also this instructional video,

I use a 2 qt. acrylic straight sided pitcher with sanitized tinfoil as a lid and do the shake method.
Works for me.

Thanks i found the responses to be very helpful. Cheers