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Yeast starter foam stopper

Hey all…started some yeast last night, had success with past starters. Woke up this morning ready to brew, the foam stopper was blown open, slightly, but I am concerned about the yeast gone bad. It looks fine, but hate to dump a batch because of this. Thinking about dumping and starting over. What do ya think?

I use a baggy over my starters.

It happens. It’ll be fine, no worries.
A little fermcap-s can help next time.

I use a baggy over my starters.[/quote]

my new method^^^. :wink:

i just use a sanitized piece of tin foil. works like a charm

Yep, your starter should be fine. FWIW I also use a sanitized piece of foil most of the time.

Thanks…sounds that foil is the way to go. The yeast probably is good…but I am anal about sanitation, is there a chance that this.batch is bad??? I have had one batch go bad …that sucked…I will think about it overnight. Thanks for the input.

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