Yeast Starter - Cell Count Double Check

I am preparing to brew the Belgian Golden Strong Ale. I purchased 2 1388 WY packets. My plan was to build a 2L starter with one pack and just add the second from the smack pack to get to the 290 mil yeast number (based on brewer math in my head). When I went to mrmalty, it indicates that I only need 1 pack and a 1.75 l starter. So, I’ve already started my 2l starter. So, so I just pitch that, or add the second pack on brew day as originally planned? My initial feeling is that I’d rather risk an overpitch than an underpitch with this high OG brew (1.081). Your thoughts?

If you can use the second pack in another beer within a month I would do that. If not just pitch it with the 2L starter. :cheers:

Yep, I thought of that, but 1388 is such a unique yeast that I couldn’t think of a beer to order just for that purpose. I plan to just pitch it, install a blow-off tube and wait and see.