Yeast starter blow over

just came home and my yeast starter is blowing over had to chance from foil to airlock and turn my starter plate to the lowest setting actually second time this happend . me using a one liter starter. so this time made less than one liter . and still it spill over . any sugestions heeeeeelp

Can you get a gallon glass jug locally? Apple juice jugs work great for starters… You can either use foil on the top or get the right size stopper and airlock. The extra headspace and oxygen is actually beneficial for yeast growth.

weird me using two liter flask for my starter . tomorow morning at five its 24 hours . can i cold crash or to early

What beer are you making? Dead ringer, right? How do you aerate the wort before pitching yeast?

Sorry to answer your question with questions! :laughing:

I would let the starter go at least 36 hours. 48 would not hurt it even if the starter is done.

A starter is just a little beer without hops. The warmer the temperature the more vigorous the fermentation will be. Temperature was probably the main cause of the foaming unless you pitched a massive amount of yeast. Temperature control for your starters might prevent this.

not brewing yet at the moment i make a yeast starter. brew day will be tuessday. i use oxygen infuse the wort

thanks for the info. ido use the wyeast smack pack .but weird normally make a liter starter and add the compleet smack pack .and no issue at all .but what you say could be the problem as well its been real hot the last two weeks. my yeast starter run time inbetween 36 to 48hours before cold crash

main reason for starter got good results with my beer but main reason will be it takes from ten days to two weeks to get my products here on island by mail even fedex takes ten days so dont know how fresh my yeast will be ok i can use dry yeast but me happy with smack packs of vials of yeast.

I would put in the fridge the night before brew day. I believe the extra heat is what caused your yeast to take off… On brew day while yer strike water heats up, sanitize a small 4oz. container, take yer yeast swirl it till its all back in suspension and pour a portion of that yeast into yer sanitized jar, put some plastic wrap on it and a rubber band, label it. Next time you brew, its a smack pack that you saved, just repeat yer starting routine, and keep repeating. Sneezles61

normally after 36 hours cold crash separate the fluid so dme and yeast will stay
on brewing day take it in the morning out to warm the yeast again brewing day most the time at three o clock before pitching the yeast i do shake the mason jar with yeast

Since you’re using oxygen, I’d probably just make that starter in a large jug the day before brew day and just pitch it at high krausen. Much of the yeast growth happens during the lag phase, and this way they’ll be as active as possible when you pitch.

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