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Yeast Starter and Lord Fatbottom

I brewed a batch of Lord Fatbottom in April of 2011. At the time I did not use a yeast starter, just the pitchable yeast supplied with the extract kit. I just tried my first bottle and there is no fermentation. Is there anything that I can do now to get the fermentation back? I’d hate to waste the time invested and the beer.

Are you saying that you have no bottle fermentation / carbonation,
Or that the whole batch didn’t ferment in April?

You’ll need to supply more information. Did you add priming sugar to the batch at bottling? Did you let them rest at 70*+ for at least 2 weeks?

Assuming you mean it isn’t carbonated, you can add a few grains of yeast to each bottle and recap. Or hydrate a packet of yeast in warm water and pipette a ml or two into each bottle.

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