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Yeast start -gone wrong?

Need some advise, last weekend I made 2 starters. 1 is a bohemian lager from fresh yeast pack, 2 liters on a stir plate, fermented out after 2 days and refridgerated.

2nd one is an American ale from the yeast cake of an ale I racked out the same day. I put 2 cups of boiled and cooled water in the carboy and then placed in a boiled and cooled 2 liter jug and then placed in the fridge.

Got side tracked by work and family commitments and both are still in the fridge. The lager with the “beer” on it, the Ale with the water on it. Are they good? What should I do next? I am planning to brew a lager Sunday and an ale of some sort. I’ve never let a starter or washed yeast sit in the fridge fr a week before. Thanks for any advice you can provide!

A weeks not too bad. I’d just decant and pitch them, you should be fine.

Took off like a champ. Decanted and pitched cold…was actively fermenting in less than 8 hours.


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