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Yeast Slurry

I saved some yeast from my last brew that I bottled last night. It was Wyeast 1968 London ESB.

Couple of questions how much yeast slurry should I pitch into my new batch it an American Brown ale at 1048OG.

I have about 32oz of slurry saved that seems way to much to pitch into a new batch of beer. If possible I would like to save at least half of this to pitch into another batch of beer.

Thanks for the help

32oz of actual yeast slurry seems like a lot. Are you sure there isn’t a bit of trub in there?

You might want to give it another look. You’ll be surprised how leaving it sit in the fridge will separate the yeast from the trub, and from the wort.
Look up yeast washing.
You’ll basically want to sanitize another jar. Carefully pour the wort off the top layer. The 2nd layer is going to be the yeast…pour that in the new sanitized jar. The bottom layer is going to be your trub.
If it has been in the fridge since Monday now, it should be pretty easy to see the 3 different layers. Now, back to your question. You most certainly would be able to just pitch half of the yeast you just saved into the Brown Ale, and then keep the other half for another one.

If you harvested all the yeast you should be able to pitch 3-4 beers from it. Check the slurry tab on the MrMalty calculator.

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