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Yeast slow start

So I made two batches yesterday after a year break from brewing. I ended up using dry yeast packs, and pitched them directly into the wort. It is now approaching 24 hours and I still do not see active fermentation. I pitched both at 68, aerated with a wine whip thing before pitching, i have them in swamp coolers to prevent temps from getting high, but the wort is sitting at 68 degrees. one batch used S-05, the other S-04. I typicall use a smack pack with a starter, but I was lazy. Am I just seeing a lag time with the dried yeast?

PS I cannot wait to taste my simcoe IPA dry hopped with home grown mystery hops from a coworker, and my CITRA IPA…its been too long since I last made beer. I am glad to be back

[quote=“Dules”] Am I just seeing a lag time with the dried yeast?



How big were the batches and how high was the O Gs? How old was the yeast?
I’ve never had either of those yeasts take so long to start.

Surely fermentation started this morning, yes? Was your yeast refrigerated? Strange…

If you are using a plastic bucket pop the lid open a little and look in. The seals leak sometimes and you get no air lock bubbles.

SO I took a couple of gravity readings, and the beer has been fermenting!! now day four, the Simcoe IPA is almost done, and the krausen has fallen. Thinking that my buckets are getting older, and not sealing well. This is the first time that I have seen no airlock activity at all. Maybe being a little bit of a worry wort after not brewing for so long. Everything is going well, and I cannot wait for them to finish, and get into bottles! Thanks for the reassuring comments! This is just the first time that I never had airlock activity.

These days I rarely check on a beer until after 1 week. Sure, the sign of an active airlock is reassuring, but often it’s not the best measure for active fermentation. Opening the lid and checking for a krausen works.

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