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Yeast reuse and beer flavor

I’ve read many forums and there is this idea out there that re-using the yeast from your fermenters (either just pitching a portion of the slurry or washing it first) will make “better” beer than if a fresh yeast pack and appropriate starters are used.

Does anybody have experience with this? Does the yeast just get “better” at making beer after it has made a few? I could see this making sense if you brew the same recipe over and over because the yeast would adapt a bit to that particular environment.

Any opinions or experiences?

I don’t know if reuse makes yeast “Better” like it’s somehow stronger after a good workout. But you will get an increase in quantity. Since most styles benefit from more than a smack-pack/vial’s worth of yeast, your beer will likely be better just due to the more optimal pitch rate.

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