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Yeast Recommendation

I am planning to brew a Dortmund lager. The recipe I have simply calls for lager yeast. Any recommendations on a liquid yeast that typifies this sytle? I was thinking WLP830 German Lager would be a safe bet. Thanks.

This is what Wyeast suggests.

I love 2000 and also 2124 (as the link suggests) but I think that the 2042 might actually be the best choice on that list for this style. It has a characteristic to it that seems appropriate for the harder/minerally profile of the Dortmunder style. 2000 is softer and Czech-like and 2124 is also softer and has that Pilsnery character to it (which I love, btw) but the Danish strain is a little different… as is the Dortmunder style. Cheers.

I’ve made two dorts, one with the Fermentis dry version of 2124, and one with the White equivalent of 2487. I liked the Weihenstephan 34/70 (which is 2124, White 830, or Fermentis S-34/70) better, but toward the end of the keg of the 2487 version, I started to warm up to it.

Regardless I would use 34/70 again in a heartbeat. I also used the cake to make a doppelbock, which turned out great, but maybe was a bit overattenuated :shock: . I would use the same yeast again for that too, just up the mash temps and make it higher OG.

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