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Yeast Question

Hi All…I brewed an NB Cream Ale Extract kit yesterday morning…I pitched Safale US-05 Ale Yeast after rehydrating. As of now…roughly 32 hours later I still see no activity in the air lock. This is the first time I’ve tried using dry yeast…so I guess my first question is whether this is normal…and secondly…at what point should I consider it failed and re-pitch (how long do I wait)?

Thanks in advance for any advice… :cheers:

A couple points:

  1. Airlock bubbles are an indication of pressure differential, not fermentation. There are many reasons why an airlock wouldn’t bubble even though fermentation was occurring, with the most likely being a leak.
  2. Even an otherwise healthy fermentation can take a while to get going. Don’t do anything until 72 hours have elapsed, then take a gravity reading if you still think it isn’t fermenting.

+1, not uncommon for dry yeast to take 48 hours to get rolling. And a lot of my buckets don’t seal well enough for the airlock to bubble.

Thanks Guys…I am brewing this in an Ale Pale so it could well be an inferior seal. This being the first time I’ve used dry yeast I didn’t know what to expect too…with liquid yeast, my fermenter is usually rockin’ and rollin’ by the next morning…I’ll wait patiently…thanks again!

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