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Yeast Question?

didn’t see chloramine anywhere on there, ill give letting it sit a try thanks denny!

Letting the water sit is the cheapest way to remove chlorine. A faster better way that also removes other nasty stuff in your water is a good water filter. Here’s a good cartridge if you just have chlorine and the typical other contaminants. You can get systems too look around. ... ridge.html

Your US-05 is not a great lager yeast but it sounds like you really aren’t ready for lagers anyway. You need much colder ferment temps and your basement is more of an ale temp. The US-05 can be fermented colder than 65 I personally like it more like 60-62 F. Very fast and strong even at that temp. Try putting your ferment vessel in a large bucket with ice and/or a wet t shirt with a fan. Works great to keep ferment temps from getting too warm and for initial cooling too. Even at 65 ambient you can easily get too warm especially with a fast yeast like the US-05.

Ya I abandoned the lager idea, I bought pieces for a pale ale kind of like the shining star kit NB has now. I used cluster to bitter it though.


I’ve used it 3 times now, and at ~62*, the lock burps every 5 seconds and ferments for about 5 days, then drops off very quickly. If you let the temp come up to about 65 on day 4, it tapers off until about day 7. Also, it doesn’t seem to raise the temp much when you start low.

Above 65 the lock burps pick up to every 3 seconds or less and the temp increase seems to become more of a factor.

Only 2 of the beers I used this in are ready for drinking, and neither has a harsh aftertaste. I used distilled water for both, so hopefully dealing with the chlorine will take care of it for you.

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