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Yeast Query

Good afternoon,

I brewed a batch of the Chinook IPA using some spare ingredients that I had at home. I did however, look at the recipe and make sure not only the ingredients were the same, but so were the proportions. Anyhow, I bought, from a local brewery a vial of White Labs American Ale Yeast. Here is my question:

The O.G. of the Chinook IPA is 1.053 and I didn’t make a starter simply because I haven’t done it before and the instructions didn’t ask for it. Will the yeast I pitched be enough to properly ferment the beer? I brewed late last night and noticed today after school that the airlock is bubbling frequently.

Also, could someone provide a url to a good how to on making a starter? Also, at what O.G. would you all recommend making a starter. I don’t think the final gravity of the Chinook should be over 6.

Thanks in advance,


If you got active fermentation that quickly, it sounds like you’re fine.

Try Mr. Malty for yeast starter info:

He’s also got a nice pitching rate calculator, but beware that he seems to err on the side of caution
and you can often get away with much less than he recommends:

Thanks. Yeah fermentation has been going strong for two days now. I read in Palmer’s How to Brew that I should be okay with the yeast used to properly ferment my 1.053 Chinook IPA. Anything over 1.055 and additional yeast (greater than 110 billion) are needed. Second brew and still learning.

Thanks again.

[quote=“holaday1185”] Second brew and still learning.[/quote]Only your second brew and you’re throwing together a recipe from spare ingredients? I’m impressed.

I’m a science teacher and a beer enthusiast. I’ve been brewing with Mr. Beer kits for a few years but was continually dissatisfied with the flavor and quality; not too mention what I’m doing now really puts Mr. Beer stuff to shame! I’m working on getting a kegging system put together. Any ideas on how to get this done on a budget?

Just to interject… If you are using an american yeast (1056 or american ale WLP001) why not go with fermentis US-05 Dry Yeast. No starter needed. 200 Billion Cells. Just some O2 and BOOM! My 2 cents…

I see. I have read that liquid yeast can provide a better, more unique flavor. But yeah, I used dry yeast on my Irish Red and it tasted great. Still need to do some more tinkering to see for myself.

Absolutely tinker! With a clean ale yeast however you want to avoid any esters.

[quote=“holaday1185”]Any ideas on how to get this done on a budget?[/quote]Craigslist and EBay for starters. You need some sort of cooler, either a fridge or a chest freezer, always available on craigslist, and EBay is a great source for kegging equipment - I bought an entire 8-keg soda tubing system for about $30 with enough hose and clamps and fittings to last at least 10 years. Kegs are going to cost you, but if you have a local brew club you could put together a bulk buy and end up spending $20-$25 a keg. Same thing with CO2 - a 20-lb cylinder runs about $30 when buying in bulk. Party taps work well, no need to go with fancy tap handles up front, and you won’t have to cut any holes in the fridge or add a collar to the freezer with the party taps.

Many ways to cut corners, just have to decide the priorities and then stick with it - you can certainly dump a LOT of money into kegs and kegging.

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