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Yeast Problem?

I may or may not have a yeast problem. This is my first batch, so I am hoping someone who knows more can help me out. I am making a one gallon batch and it is currently in its primary fermentation. When I was prepping everything, I slipped a bit and poured in way too much of the yeast. I poured in about half a packet, when I needed about 1/4. So what I am afraid will happen is that they will dry it all the way out and then when I go to carbonate, they will wake up and I will have geysers when I go to pop the tops. Anyone have input? Much appreciated.


Pitching more yeast than you need does not mean that you will ferment more sugar than normal, just (usually) faster. And it will make no difference at bottling time - the yeast just eat the priming sugar, make CO2, and go to sleep.


Now that I think about it, that makes sense. Thanks for walking me through it.

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