Yeast Pitching

I have a question concerning yeast pitching… I,ve read in a couple brewing texts where the brewer gets close to pitch temp, puts the carboy in a fridge to get the temp where he wants it before you pitch the yeast…is this a good idea number one and if i try it should i start out a little warmer than i want to get it started. I,m brewing a porter so it will be an ale yeast… Thanks

It’s best to cool things down to within a couple degrees of where you want it to ferment at, and have the yeast at the same temp or very close. If this means you delay pitching until your temp is good, that is much better than pitching at too high of a temp. Too high, especially at the beginning leads to off-flavors.

I whole heartedly agree with Jim, the closer the two are, and in the cooler end of ideal ferment temp, the better…Sneezles61