Yeast pitching questions for 1 gallon kit

Hello all,

I do have experience, in that I make mead, and always re-hydrate. But, a question has arisen about pitching in my first attempt at beer.

Everything I read says a yeast starter is the way to go, and that you don’t ever pitch dry yeast, always rehydrate it at the very least. The yeast packets say to re-hydrate as well, however, the instructions in both 1 gallon Whitehouse kits I received, and the Homebrew 101 DVD, instruct/show dry yeast being pitched, and just sitting there on top of the foam.

Should I re-hydrate? Seems to me to be the minimum to do to ensure ferm begins, and doesn’t stall.

Should I make a starter? Instead of a starter, and using half the yeast, how about rehydrating the whole package and pitching that for the increased cell count a starter gives you?

Should I just swallow my fears and pitch half the package dry?

These are questions an inquiring Gonzo wants to know the answer to.

Thanks in advance for any info/help I get!

Gonzo out.

I would just pitch it all dry. I usually don’t bother with rehydrating. I also don’t like saving dry yeast packages that are half used. I’m sure they could be fine but it just seems like it’s begging for something bad to get in there so I’d just dump the whole thing in there. Or make a couple batches in a day and spreed out the love?

Cool, Thanks for the reply!