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Yeast pitching Question

So from what I’ve noticed most pitch a 5 gallon beer with a packet of yeast that weigh 11.5 grams… I think. Does it make sense to pitch a half packet of yeast for only 1 gallon of beer? Most people say when you’re breaking down a recipe to cut everything accordingly. So if I’m cooking a batch at 1.25 gallons I should divide a 5 gallon batch by 4. These 1 gallon kits say to use half a pack of yeast with every kit. Why is it that I need to pitch half a packet of yeast when the 5 gallon calls for a whole pack? I only ask due to brewing a 1 gallon batch of stout and have already lost over 1/3 of my beer through the blow off tube. I’ve only had this problem one other time with the Irish Red. Any input would be appreciated :cheers:

It’s easier to estimate 1/2 pack than 1/5th. :wink:

There was a “test” done in BYO about taste, attenuation and speed off fermentation by using different cell counts. You may be able to find the article online. And there was a podcast on the Basic Brewing Radio.

The results seemed, to me, to be inconclusive.

I use digital scales for weighing out things. I was just curious about it. Just not experienced enough to have a better understanding of it myself. I’ll look into these articles, thanks again.

I brew small batches all the time. For dry yeast, I figure out how much is needed based on the batch size, e.g., roughly 1/3 pack for 1.5 gallons, 1/2 pack for 2.5 gallons, etc. Just estimate. If you use a little too much or slightly not enough, it doesn’t matter. Tape the pack shut and store the rest in the fridge for next time. Dry yeast keeps for several years. With liquid yeast, I make a smaller size starter and save a little of the starter in a leftover White Labs tube for future potential use. But dry yeast is certainly easier to quantify and use, and keeps for ages.

Thanks for the info. Will try this method next weekend.

Munton’s comes in six gram packs, that might be easier to devide for small batches.
IMHO Munton’s is underrated. I split a batch of bitter between S-04 and Munton’s last year. I liked the S-04 batch better at first, but by the last few of bottles of the Munton’s half I was very pleased. 1.040 to 1.009 with the S-04 and down to 1.013 with the Munton’s.

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