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Yeast pitching calculator

Does anyone know what happened to the mr malty calculator? I went to use the app this morning and it said it needed an update, went to the app store and cant find it there or on the mr malty website

Something seems to be going on there, I agree…
tried to post a link but it didn’t work when I tried to post it…

Same thing happened to the Brew365 site I used to use for Mash and Sparge water calculator. One day, Poof!

That’s the problem with “free stuff”. Just when you get used to it…it’s not there anymore. I’ve been using the brewersfriend yeast calculator. I know Flarks like the BrewUnited one as well.

Yeh it’s very strange. At least I got my money’s worth now I’ll have to go through my notes I did actually pay for that one

huh, I’ve never used one of those things… I wonder if its possible to make beer without it? Sneezles61


Same here use brewersfriend this one works

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