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Yeast packs in extract kits

I have 2 zombie dirt “1 gallon” batch kits. I plan on brewing them together as I have a brewdemon fermenter. The normal 2 gallon batch kits say to use 1/2 of the full size 11g yeast pack. The 1 gallon yeast packs are half that size. So, Is it safe to assume I would only use “one” of these small batch yeast packs in this case? Thanks in advance.

Yes pitch the whole pack and keep the extra in the fridge

Didn’t Beer Smith have an episode on rehydrating dry yeast just a bit ago? Maybe worth checking out… Sneezles61

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One of those packs is actually enough yeast for 5 gallons of moderate strength beer, so half a pack would still be ok. But it’s a pain to store open packs of yeast, so no harm in pitching it all.

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