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Yeast Nutrient Use

I made 15 gallons of wheat beer Sunday night and the airlock has shown no signs of fermentation. I realize hydrometer is the best way to see if fermentation is happening but dumb me didn’t write down the starting gravity and can’t remember it. I did check it tonight and it was at 1.012.
I am considering adding some yeast nutrient used in wine making to get it kick started and was wondering if anybody has done this before with beer?

Sounds like you’re very close to if not at final gravity. Just check gravity in 2 or 3 more days. if it doesn’t change, it’s done. But not finished. most folks will suggest leaving it in the fermentor for at least another week so that the yeast can clean up a bit.

What was ferm temp? Sounds like it might have been a little high un less maybe this was a hefe or a belgian. Nonetheless, it will be beer.


If FG is 1.012 its likely done fermenting, or close. Is this extract or AG? If extract your OG will be as stated in recipe as long as you hit your in fermenter volumes.
What temp was the actual fermentation? The warmer the fermentation the quicker the beer ferments. Unfortunately this can also cause off flavors. I’m not saying your beer will have these flavors just suggesting that you watch the ferm temps.

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Probably only because I’ve already had my limit tonight, so I was less distracted!! :smiley:


I’ve used yeast nutrient in beer, but I will add it (about 1/2 ts per 5 gallon batch) at the end of the boil. It probably isn’t necessary, but I think of it as cheap insurance in case for any reason the yeast need a bit of extra help. I wouldn’t add any for your situation. As others have already said, with SG = 1.012, you are likely done and adding nutrient won’t do anything.

Fermentation temp was about 70, in my kitchen. Oh no, as I write this I realize I have radiant heat in the floor :shock: I think that’s why it may of fermented so quickly. We’ll see if there are off favors I guess. Live and learn.
I do know that the starting alchohol was 6% so when I get near the hydrometer I can convert that to OG.

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