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Yeast not fermenting

Hi - first time brewer as of today. Have a small batch kit, cooked up 2 brews.

My Honey Porter started fermenting already, however my Cream Ale has not started yet. It has been 6 hours…should I be worried???

No need to worry yet. Some times there is a little lag time with yeast. Some start fast and others little slower.

When is it time to worry? By Sunday night?

I myself would worry by then but don’t worry too much your beer is not ruined. Will just need to add new yeast. I’m not sure what your temperature is that you have your fermentor. If is below what the yeast temps ferment at will slow it down. You could move it to a warmer place

Assuming you did most everything the same with the 2 batches when you pitched the yeast, then just individual variation and nothing to worry about. I predict that by the time I next look at this thread, you’ll have posted that both batches are a-bubbling nicely.(keep in mind that no bubbles does NOT mean no fermentation, but they are comforting)

Make sure your lid is secure. I have a couple of older buckets and lids and I don’t get a lot of activity in the airlock because of leakage. I don’t mind because I know that it’s fermenting. Look inside the bucket. If you are sure it’s not fermenting after 24 hours perhaps it needs a warm up. Place a quilt around the bucket or gently move to a warmer part of the house. A gentle rocking of the bucket may help also. Nothing vigorous just a shake. You should see activity soon.

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