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Yeast loss through blow off tube?

Is this a concern?

I racked 5 gallons of denny’s wry smile(hit 1.081 og) on a 1450 yeast cake from an amber ale I did early. I actually left some wort in the kettle to not over fill the carboy. Of course, it took off like a rocket ship. Within the first hour, bubbling like crazy. Within in three needed a blow off tube. Fermentation temp controlled at 66F.

My question is: Am I just shooting out all the good yeast I pitched in on into the blow off tube bucket. I have already had to empty it once this morning.

Yes it is good yeast but there is still more than enough to complete your fermentation.

thanks. Was really trying to avoid the blow off tube on this one. Wanted ever bit of the yeast eating away.

As a side note, what is it called when yeast is harvested from the blow off? I remember reading that some English brewery does this, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called.

Maybe krauzening?

Krausening is adding actively fermenting wort to other wort.

I think it is called the Burton Union System.

I think it is called the Burton Union System.


I believe that is it. Thanks for the help.

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