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Yeast in stock

Few weeks ago did talk to nb on when they will start to sell the kveik yeast. This would be nice. One stop one shop. For me. Damm i am happy with this kind of yeast strain. I works perfect for me here with the higher temp. Once done the yeast it has small hint of orange

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I just got some spam, I mean product availability notification, from NB that they now have the Omega Labs yeast line, in stock.

I never used any Omega yeast, but I understand “Hothead” is actually kveik, even though they call it an exclusive proprietary strain.

Funny little contradiction… they don’t want to ship liquid yeast for summer, but this is “perfect for the hot summer months”

Think its a sort of kveik. But if you compare kviek and omega. Its not the same

Yeast bay is the Voss strain, and Omega is the Stranda strain of Kveik yeast. Somewhat different ester profiles, but they both perform fairly similarly regarding tolerance of high temperature.

Think the kveik has a bit higher tolarance. Up to 100

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