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Yeast help

I harvested yeast about 2 months ago. I brewed on Sunday but forgot to make a starter. So I just brought the harvested yeast up to wort temp and pitched. 48 hrs later and there are no signs of activity. I am always very careful about sanitation.

Is it too late to pitch more yeast? I could make a fresh starter overnight or stop by my local brew store and buy yeast tomorrow night. Suggestions?

What are the odds of infection at this point?


With harvested yeast that old you should make a starter. I have noticed that it takes 1-2 days to start fermentation in the starter with older yeast. I’d pitch more yeast after 72 hrs with no signs of fermentation.

It will take off.

With future brews that you forget to make a starter, just reserve a pint of wort from the boil kettle. Swirl the yeast around in it for a day and pitch to in the fermenter. If needed, dilute the beer down.

It’s not idea, but it give the yeast a head start before going into the party room.

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