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Yeast help

I need some yeast advice. So I just finished an all grain brew day for a lemon lime hefe. Post boil 0G is 1043. At day 3 of fermentation I’m going to add some simply limeade that should increase the alcohol about a half percent. My question is, the recipe calls for white labs hefe IV. I did not have time to do a starter so I bought two viles. One vile was about 12 days older than the other and it had some red specs in it. When i shook it up and let it resettle it was significantly darker than the other and just didn’t look right. I ended up only pitching the newer one which looked more viable. So my question is, for such a low gravity beer should one vile be enough. i checked with my homebrew shop and they have no more hefe IV. I could go tomorrow and get another hefe strain and add it tomorrow though. Would adding a second different strain mess things up or should i just leave it?
Thanks, T

With that low of a gravity you should be absolutely fine with just one vile. Good work tossing the other one and saving yourself the fretting.

I brew hefes all the time and use only 1 vial of WL300 and they always turn out fine. You will be ok using 1 vial.

Cool, thanks

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