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Yeast harvesting with the auto siphon

Went down to my brew room to get the harvested over build from the previous starter out of the frig to prep for tomorrows brew day. No over build in the frig. In a small mental lapse I had pitched the entire starter into the Chinook IPA. No wonder I had a 6" yeast krausen.

Well sanitized auto siphon inside and out. Put it to the bottom of the fermentor. Covered the the end of the internal racking cane with a sanitized finger and pulled. Filled the auto siphon tube with 10" of beer and yeast. Had a 2 liter flask prepared with a liter of 1.020 wort. Held the end of the racking cane over the flask and pushed the yeast out by plunging the racking cane. All but a couple of milliliters went into the flask.

Worked well. The fermentation was still active so the yeast had not compacted into a dense layer yet. There is enough yeast in the flask it will be a direct pitch tomorrow.


Pretty creative. I will file that away for potential future use. Thanks.

The harvested yeast just before pitching the next day. Pitched the yeast and the liter of starter wort.

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