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Yeast Harvesting Apparati

Brewed a big IINERIPA yesterday. London Fog yeast in a 60 degree room is just rolling. Ginned up this yeast harvesting deal.

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So, you have a tube a bit further down in the fermenter to get to the top of the brew? Or should I say, collect more yeast? How did it work? Sneezles61

This thing is a monster and generating giant amounts of gas which quickly showed up my design flaws. It plugged up with hop debris a few times which I caught before bad things happened. It also plugged up while I was sleeping but luckily I woke up in the middle of the night and checked it and there was just enough slack in the duct tape to allow the lid to lift and relieve pressure. I did manage to collect a nice wad of yeast in the jar in spite of myself and it’s still blowing over. I need to get a little wort in there.

Now, getting up in the middle of the night is called attention to details/process…
I wonder about having 1/2" diameter pipe and tubing… Have a couple of O-rings to hold the pipe in the jug, say 1/2" above the wort… You’d need to fashion a specific cap… Then in your air lock jug, 2" hoppy brew to put the blow off tube into… Nice beer cap to collect yeast under? Once you’ve collected some fresh yeast, swap out the cap with you’re bubbler. Just thinking out loud… You do have the makings of something there… Sneezles61

You’re giving me some great ideas! I tossed this together last night when I realized what a bad a$$ this thing was turning into.
The hose is big enough at 7/16" (?) but the pluggage is where I have the piece of old racking can inserted into the hose. (Very top of the picture.) I think I’d have been okay if the hose were inserted into the pipe or better yet, as you suggest, straight through the stopper. I might even have been okay if it weren’t for the 9 oz. of hops that were getting carried up on the krausen. :seedling:

I like the thinking of running the hose fight into the jug. I’ll have to get another stopper and cut a bigger hole in it. The jug is a half gallon Mason jar with my homemade plastic lid. Definitely needs improvement so thank you for the ideas!

3/8" white tubing with threads for one of your FPT nipple for your house… ? Sneezles61

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