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Yeast for making sour beer

Who-hoo it’s out!
Lallemand Philly Sour

Dr. Farber who discovered GY7B was at my Homebrew club before COVID hit, and had some beers to sample. I can’t wait to try making a gose or maybe a sour ipa… sorry if this sound like an ad; it’s not…

I know of at least one brewery using this instead of kettle souring. It gets tart!

So does this mean you can ferment sour beer faster and not have to wait longer in your fermentor. Before you can drink it


One way to do that is by the “kettle souring” process where you pitch lactobacillus and hold the kettle between 90-100°F for 36-48 hours (you also want to keep oxygen out if possible), or until the pH drops to where you want it. Then you boil the wort and add some hops and/or fruit if you’d like, then ferment with a low pH tolerant yeast. Boiling kills the lacto (so will the hops), so you don’t have to worry about contaminating your equipment.

This new yeast @jmck linked above can skip the kettle souring process, because the yeast itself produces the lactic acid as a byproduct. So it does the souring and fermenting all in one. I have yet to try it, but I know it works!

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I want to try it right now. Time to bug my LHBS.

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I managed to score a couple satchels… so I just need to get a recipe and buy some malt & hops.
I’m thinking of Pilsner & Wheat malt in like a 2:1 ratio… target somewhere around a 1.050 OG then bitter it with some noble hop to no more than 8-10 IBU… nice and simple…

So sort of a less funky Lambic
Or maybe an Imperial Beliiner Wisse
Sour KISS!

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